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A large centipede (3-4 cm Long) found under a plant pot in our conservatory.

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Lithobius sp.

This is indeed Lithobius, and coming from Cornwall (at that size) could be either L. forficatus or L. pilicornis.

Andy Keay

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Lithobius forficatus or Lithobius pilicornis

Cannot see the tergites (back plates) well enough to be sure of which of the two species this is. Although L.forficatus is the common large chestnut brown Lithobius of Britain, L.pilicornis has been found a number of times in Devon & Cornwall & in W.Cornwall it is sometimes seen in rural sites such as woodland as well as in towns and villages.

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Looked at again

I have looked at the picture again:
The number of antennal segments suggests L.forficatus & with some fiddling with picture can just pick out projections on tergite T9 so 90% sure it is Lithobius forficatus