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Waxwings!! At last!

Observed: 25th February 2011 By: B15DVEB15DVE’s reputation in BirdsB15DVE’s reputation in BirdsB15DVE’s reputation in Birds

Looked for these all winter and finally saw them this morning for the first time ever! They were in a flock of 50 (ish) near the back garden, so had chance to get some pics of them. unfortunately its slightly under exposed as i was shooting upwards, silhouetting them and over exposing the background!

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I too have watched with envy all the sightings of Waxwings. My only view was a wet, grey afternoon and I had to use shape and behaviour to confirm ID! You have some lovely shots - with clear colour, I like the softness! I love the group in the tree.

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Hi Janet, thanks for your

Hi Janet, thanks for your comment really apreciate the positive feedback! yes they are very uplifting, i cannot believe i looked all over for them all winter, asking people visiting sites etc, and just as i thought i wouldnt see them, they turn up outside the house!! i spent a good half hour watching and photographing them, but no one in the neighbourhood seemed to bother! hope you get chance to catch them before they leave!