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Common frog

Observed: 24th February 2011 By: BeckyWhitworth

Today i was lucky enough to find a frog just outside my house in Bristol, as i watched it it squeaked rather than the familiar croak. The squeak was louder than a mouse's and was very high pitched. Is this the real sound that frogs make or is it an immature frog which hasn't learnt to croak.


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Squeaky frog

Frogs, like some other animals, make only a few noises. Most of us are familiar with the common frog males croaking during the breeding season. At other times, they can make "unstructured" sounds, such as when disturbed. It isn't always obvious if these are vocal in origin, or caused by (say) parts of the body rubbing together.
But I have to say that I've never heard a common frog squeak! If you can find it again, try to get a photograph: it might just be a different species (there are a couple in the UK).

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listen here

I have dropped in on you because you gave me an agreement today - thanks.
I have heard a toad give quite a squeal (rather like you describe) and for no apparent reason.
Listen..(to the Toad) here
But frogs are incredibly vocal when mating - a sort of sweet gurgling noise
Listen same site.
A pity you've no photo and no ID Notes - either might get you an agreement.