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Sun = Adders

Observed: 24th February 2011 By: ophrys
Yorkshire Naturalists' Union
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Morning was dull and rainy, afternoon was sunny and warm. It always amazes me how suddenly the Adders can respond to that change, in late February. In spite of so much flooded grass and Heather, within an hour of sun there were 8 Adders out and basking, within one single, small area of heathland.
How many were out over the whole common?!

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Spotting Adders

Inspite of a long interest in English wildlife I have yet to see an Adder/Viper in the wild. Observations like yours are really helpful to people like me who are interested in any clue as to where and what to look for.
Thanks for your observation.


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So many together -

and so early in the year, suggests that these are all males who have emerged from a shared hibernaculum.
They look a bit dull now, but will be much brighter once they've sloughed in a month or two.

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I would agree this is a male.

I would agree this is a male. The colour of the labial scale (dark) is a big help.

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From my experience the answer to your question is . . . lots!

Graham Banwell

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