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Tiny pink blobs on wooden fence rail

Observed: 20th November 2009 By: Barnmead
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Tiny bright pink blobs 1-3mm diam dotted amongst lichen on a sloping east-facing fence rail. Did not look like coral spot fungus.


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Looks a bit like a slime

Looks a bit like a slime mould on the other hand it might be a bird dropping where they were eating yew berries!

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I've found this too -

I've found this too - unfortunately no pics. I'm guessing some kind of fungus - probably too big/wrong colour/not enough spots for Coral Spot.

Rob Coleman

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I found same thing here in

I found same thing here in West Cornwall. I've posted it as, "Pink Lichen?"

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Have you seen the current

Have you seen the current version of "British Wildlife" magazine I think there was something like this in there. p64 oct 2010 Marchandiomyces aurantiacus

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Thank you for all the links

Thank you for all the links and added information - isn't it quite amazing what people have found out - a fungus that lives on a lichen! I was fascinated to read what Alan Silverside has written on his website