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Ugly mermaid? :O)

Observed: 23rd February 2011 By: FASEN8R
Ugly mermaid? :O)

Trying to identify this little critter that I found today in the River Lugg just north of Hereford. If anyone can put a name to it I would really appreciate it.

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Might be worth reclassifying this as a fish...I don't think it is evolving into a reptile, in spite of the large pelvic fins!

It is also known as a Miller's Thumb, as well as Bullhead. Both names refer to the flattened, broad head...similar to a bull and also similar to the thumb of a miller, whose thumbs were said to be flattened and wide due to rubbing the grain between their thumb and finger all the time.


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FISH ~ Agreed!

Cheers for that peeps!
After realising that what I thought were 2 'legs' at the front were in fact 2 fins, I can now see that it is definately a bullhead.
I have also reclassified it as a fish.

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These are only found in really clear unpolluted waters - often also inhabited by trout - the males turn jet black during the breeding season and will guard a territory ferociously against allcomers