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Beetle for id please

Observed: 18th February 2011 By: foxyfoxy’s reputation in Invertebratesfoxy’s reputation in Invertebratesfoxy’s reputation in Invertebratesfoxy’s reputation in Invertebrates

This beetle was found in water into which it had fallen ,it was beneath a sallow tree.about 10-12mm long,two tone in colour orangy brown undeneath darker on top.

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Bembidion is a genus of Ground Beetle. They are usually half the size or less of this insect, have comparatively narrow bodies and far are less rounded and "dumpy" than this beetle. They also lack the narrow pointed "nose" or rostrum, which is a charactaristic of weevils. See for a typical Bembidion "shape".

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Hi on basis of your link certainly not Bembidion,photo I based id on not anything like your link.this insect was in a bog not in a mile of any kind of garden so I don"t know if Vine weevil is likely,or are they spreading into wild?


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looks like a vine weevil to be . but as a gardener im a bit obsessed by them

Jo Moulder