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Foliose lichen on wooden fence

Observed: 20th November 2009 By: Barnmead
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Foliose lichen with quite large flattened, greyish lobes, dark brown lower surface and net-like white lines over the top surface. On sloping east-facing wooden fence rail.


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This specimen seemed to have smaller lobes than what I thought was another one close by. I wondered if it was P. saxatilis rather than sulcata.


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They are very similar but P.

They are very similar but P. sulcata develops soralia on the pseudocyphellae (white marks on lobes) whereas P. saxatalis develops isidia.
They are both very variable, K+ orange-red, P+ orange and the lobes of both can vary in size.

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Parmelia saxatilis

This looks like Parmelia saxatilis rather than sulcata as saxatilis has more of a roughened surface whereas sulcata usually has smoother lobes