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Yellow crown stripe. Tiny song bird. I think this is a female.

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Does anyone know what these little birds eat in winter. I would like to encourage it to stay and feed in my garden. I put out a mealworm and suet block but I am not sure whether this attracted it in the first place and whether it is eating it.

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They eat insects and spiders mainly (many of which are hibernating in dense bushes which the Goldcrests are often found foraging in).

There are records of them taking "soft bread and fat" from bird tables.

Source: Birds of the Western Palearctic - Interactive Edition

David Howdon

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Ah, so that's why the bird is in my hawthorn hedge pecking at the branches. Thank you for replying, David

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Yes, probably a female. However, the orange on a male is not always visible; when catching them for ringing purposes, you have to separate the crown feathers of a male, sometimes, to find the orange below.

Super photo, by the way, of a very active bird.


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Female / male

Thank you for the info., ophrys. These birds are, indeed, very active. It took a few attempts to get a shot. Some of the frames haven't got a bird in them at all! :-)

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Yes really nice shot congratulations

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Well done on a really clear and detailed picture of a bird that always seems to be on the move