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Observed: 15th August 2010 By: rockwolfrockwolf’s reputation in Invertebratesrockwolf’s reputation in Invertebratesrockwolf’s reputation in Invertebratesrockwolf’s reputation in Invertebrates

Anyone know which species this is please?
Thank you!


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The markings look like -

Ichneumon stramentarius, except that the pictures I can find are black and yellow, not black and white. I believe that this is a difficult group to identify - they certainly baffle me!

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Not easy!

Thank you RogerR! I agree that the parasitica are very difficult! Got quite a few to ID too!
I. stramentarius looks quite close! See if anyone else can offer their opinion!

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Achaius oratorius

Looks very much like it. The first web site I looked at said it wasn't found in the UK, but it is featured at:
- which is a UK site.
I'd go with that!

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certainly not

this species, both pattern and shape quite different

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... for all the input! David, do you have any ideas please?

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i would need specimen even to get to genus

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Thanks David.