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Observed: 9th February 2011 By: hadriana
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete

White crustose lichen with black dots. Two different examples but the same thing?


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Just a comment to help

It would help if you can put area found,type of rock ie siliceous or if on wood habitat,also close ups are a great help to get correct ID.


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Two different lichen species

The two photos show two different lichen species - what were they on?

Most lichen are fairly specific to the type of substrate (rock, wood, trees etc) so this, as Fenwickfield says above, is very important to add.

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identification of lichen

Thanks for your help.I'll try and be more specific in future.
LH picture is on horizontal surface of red brick wall. RH picture is on stone on drystone wall. Both in garden. Don't know what kind of rock, sorry.

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Thanks for the information -

Thanks for the information - that rules out any possibility of Lecidella elaeochroma as it is found on trees and timber.

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Possible IDs

I am not going to add a positive ID for either species, though neither is a Lecidella, irrespective of whether they were on wood or rock.

The right-hand photo might well be Clauzadea monticola in damp state. It usually has a white/grey thallus, or the thallus immersed in the rock, and black apothecia, but when damp the thallus is more green, and the apothecia become dark reddish brown and very convex.

The left hand lichen doesn't show enough detail, but I suspect it is Lecanora campestris in damp state.


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oops, hit the 'I agree'

oops, hit the 'I agree' button by mistake. sorry.


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Possible IDs

Thanks to all for your help.