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Help Identifying 'mystery duck'?

Can anyone please help me ID this duck? It was seen in my local park sitting under a bench... I have looked online and considered Ancona Duck, Magpie Duck, or maybe a Hybrid, but would like to be 100% sure...

Here's my photo:

Thanks! =)



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Duck ID

To be honest, I would suggest that this would be best referred to simply as "a domestic Mallard" - in much the same way as it would be correct to call any unknown canine breed (or mix of breeds) "a dog".

Like breeds of dog, there are very specific characteristics that have to be shown in duck breeds. The colour pattern shown by your one is very similar to the "Magpie" breed, but the lack of a complete black cap would probably disqualify it from being shown as a Magpie by British show 'standards' (and the black markings lower on the face, and on the breast/flanks, would be considered major defects if it was shown). (The duck in the link from your Flickr page would also probably not qualify as a Magpie under British show standards - and certainly wouldn't win prizes!).
There appears to be no set pattern for Ancona Ducks, and I am not entirely sure how the breed would be defined.

It is likely to be a cross showing characteristics found in different breeds (breeds are only maintained by careful artificial pairings). Personally don't like the use of "hybrid" to describe such crosses because I think that the term should be reserved for the offspring from two (or more) different species - all breeds of Mallard are "Mallards"! The dictionary definition of hybrid does allow for the term to be used when describing a cross between different breeds though.

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I agree with Roy, it may have

I agree with Roy, it may have some magpie in it's make up somewhere but this isn't a pure magpie duck.

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