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Observed: 9th September 2010 By: gefhere

feeding on willow/sallow on pond edge

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Species with which Eyed Hawk-moth (Smerinthus ocellata) interacts


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Smerinthus ocellata?

I had dismissed this because the picture in my old book was much duller green - but some images on the internet are as bright as this one. It's quite a possibility, as sallow is a food plant.

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Smerinthus ?

The Eyed Hawk-moth is a bluish green and the Poplar is more a yellowish green. Colours of pictures on the internet are not always accurate - so many variables can affect the colour of digital images. I have never found Poplar H-m on willows where Poplars are common. The white stripes and colour of the horn point to Eyed I think. On a point of jizz, the Poplar Hawk looks stouter and the Eyed somewhat slimmer.