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Slow worm?

Observed: 22nd July 2010 By: lodgepearmain

i live in southern france, near the pyrenees.
last summer and the summer before but only once each year we have found a slow worm on the terrace.
only it has legs.!!
we have lots of slow worms in the garden. these creatures are about 10 ins. long and have 2 pairs of legs - one pair just behind the head and about 5/6 mm long; the other pair are more substantial and occur about half way down the length of the body and are about twice the size of the first pair.
they look like slow worms, feel like slow worms, but are they slowworms.?? i seem to remember that slow worms actually have vestigial legs , now enclosed within the body.
can anyone help please ??.
i have photos, but it is a waste of time my trying to upload them!! computer skills are zero!!

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Perhaps a skink such as the

Perhaps a skink such as the Western Three-toed Skink (Chalcides striatus)?

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That would be my guess, too.

If the popular theory is right, snakes evolved from lizards in order to either access tight crevices, or to swim more effectively. Skinks are an evolutionary "halfway house". Slow-worms represent a further stage. The more "primitive" snakes such as pythons still have fairly well-developed hip areas that show where the legs attached.

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Your computer skills are

Your computer skills are obviously quite good or you wouldn't have been able to post that observation to this website! I would love to see a photo if you could have a go or get some assistance!