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Observed: 16th February 2011 By: mm25739
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Saw this on 16th Feb with 2 siblings. Appeared to be newly fledged and could barely fly. Is this not very early? The parents must have nested during the appalling snow we had in Jan?
Next morning he was asleep on the perch of one of my bird feeders with his head under his wing. He (?) is now growing and flying well (21st Feb)

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Female Siskin

Certainly not a juvenile. This bird looks to be an adult female, as there appears to be no moult limit in the greater coverts, and the tail feathers are not as pointed as I would expect in a young bird.

It does not look well, to be honest, but if you say it got better, well...good!


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Thanks for the comments. Was

Thanks for the comments. Was doing well for about a week then got eaten by a cat!