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Canadian fleabane

Observed: 11th December 2010 By: Michael HartupMichael Hartup’s reputation in PlantsMichael Hartup’s reputation in Plants
1012_Conyza canadensis_004
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Not sure...

Something (leaf shape/colour) doesn't look right, to me, but I have nothing better to suggest, apart from the possibility of it being some sort of Michaelmas Daisy?


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I uploaded this one at work

I uploaded this one at work via Flickr, but I've got an image of the flower from the same plant that might help confirm fleabane. I'll upload it now.

In fairness the colour does look a bit wrong; 'my bad', to quote the parlance of our contemporary media.

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You need pictures form

You need pictures from flowers at anthesis. if you are familiar with C. canadensis, C. sumatrensis clearly has bigger flower heads, which is a good way to tell them apart. Hairiness of phyllaries is not a good way to look at it!