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Cornish seals

Observed: 29th August 2009 By: kc5467
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Grey seals,ranging in colour from silvery,to dark grey providing excellent camouflage for the areas in which they inhabit (rocky coves).Large heads shape,parallel nostrils when closed.Front flippers are powerful with long,curved claws-used when hauling up onto rocks.Greys are the largest breeding seals found in uk waters.

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Grey seals

Very clear pictures of a couple of females.

Graham Banwell

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Grey Seals at Newquay

These look like the two animals that I saw in the Harbour at Newquay in August. A local said that they were present all the time.


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The grey seals ive met in

The grey seals ive met in person.I was surfing out of the harbour when they came up close i was one side of my surfboard they the other .They are huge!

I'm a student so be gentle.

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Hi these are lovely photos of

Hi these are lovely photos of the seal at newquay, if you haven't already you should send a copy of the photos to Sue Sayer at sue@cornwallsealgroup.co.uk, she runs the cornwall seals group and keeps a log of which seals are seen when. Its likely that these two are part of the group of 6 or so seals that spend the summer hanging around the harbour waiting to be fed by some of the many boats that take tourists out fishing. She will most likely be able to tell you the names of the seals in your photos.

Trudy Russell
Marine Advisor
Natural England

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Newquay seals

Thanks for the comments.I will certainly send the photos off. I have seen six different seals in total in the same location and would love to know who these characters are.

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Two questions

How can you tell the difference between common seals and grey?
Also how can you tell that they're females? Thanks.

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Seal differences

The difference is in the head, grey seals have a 'roman nose' muzzle - it slopes in a straight line from brow to tip of muzzle. A common or harbour seal has a puppy dog muzzle - the animal has a muzzle distinct from the brow.
Male common seals are big and fat with a convex roman nose, females are smaller, sleaker (though still fat) and the roman nose is flat or slightly concave.

I hope that helps, check out thse iSpot observations and the links mentioned in them.


Graham Banwell

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Seal ID

The seal that is most visible in both photos is an old female called smiles. I will add your sighting to our database. Thanks for posting the photos.

Cornwall Seal Group