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Observed: 3rd May 2009 By: Michael Hartup
0905_Larus argentatus_001

I just uploaded this to confirm the Herring Gull, but wondered if anyone could identify the fish for me?
There doesn't seem to be much on the internet on UK freshwater fish species, but lots of sites recommending how to catch them.

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Fresh/Salt water?

Looking at the location, it appears to be freshwater, but very close to the sea.

I do not think it is a Dace, as the anal fin appears to be convex, and the pectoral fins look quite large.

I feel that I should know this, but cannot think what it is, at the moment?


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We were sat on the east bank

We were sat on the east bank of the river - where the riverbank is grass - as you look at it on google maps.


I don't know much about how freshwater biomes grade into saltwater, but it definitely caught it in the river.

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A dace with a convex anal fin could be a chub?

Alan Edwards