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Black Headed Gull

Observed: 11th January 2011 By: Michael HartupMichael Hartup’s reputation in BirdsMichael Hartup’s reputation in Birds
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This is a photo I took in January, is that early for "summer" plumage?...

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Black headed gulls

I have seen several today in the Cardiff bay and NONE had full black hood some were in an intermediate state

Alan Edwards

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At Redcar 20th Feb -

a few showing the chocolate brown heads, most not.

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Well this was the only one at

Well this was the only one at the Hampstead pond, which is why it caught my eye. I have since had a quick look in t'internet and found an interesting post here;


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Full adult

I had one in my local flock (100-200 strong) showing full adult plumage in early January this year.

There is usually one or two early ones.