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Fungi on tree stump

Observed: 16th November 2009 By: lst55
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Fungi on tree stump
Fungi on tree stump 2

This fungi was growing on an old tree stump. I tried smelling it to help with the ID but it just smelt like an edible mushroom!


Caution: Do NOT use iSpot to identify fungi to eat!

Some fungi are very poisonous so a mistaken ID could have serious consequences.

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are you sure this is not just

are you sure this is not just honey fungus?

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The honey fungus probably killed this poor tree. Hence the reason it has been reduced to a stump. Some species of Armillaria are edible, but it is advised they are well cooked before consumpton and should only be eaten in small amounts, as they can cause stomach upsets in some people.