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Holes in garden 006

Observed: 20th February 2011 By: itsmealitsmeal’s reputation in Mammalsitsmeal’s reputation in Mammals
holes in garden 006
holes in garden 002

Small holes aprox 50p size or slighty larger connected by bare earth "runs"Summer of 2009 multipe hole all over lawn (fairly large About1/4 acre)Causing "spongy " lawn,numbers now reduced but more marked runs

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same problem

I have the same problem on my lawn,they make runs,but I don't mind now as there is nothing you can do unless you kill them,which is not an option for me and my lawn is more rugged than manicured anyway.



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Not really a problem

Not really a problem but I was vaguely concerned re ID as I do not relish the thought of a garden full of rats

Alan Edwards