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? Harvest Mouse

Observed: 20th February 2011 By: Peter Allen
British Dragonfly Society
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Small ears and blunt snout seem to suggest Harvest Mouse feeding on spilled Niger seed under bird feeder. Wood Mouse does occur in garden, but has larger ears and eyes and a more pointed snout.
Confirmation of one or the other would be welcome.

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Short tail

Harvest Mice have much longer tails.
Field Vole is another possibility, but they have even shorter tails and tend to lack the rufous colour.

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Tail length

I agree that the tail length is too long for a field vole.

Gill Sinclair
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Bank voles have relatively

Bank voles have relatively big ears (for a vole!), Harvest mice have very short ears (for a mouse!). The tail here is about 50% length of head and body which fits bank vole better than field vole. Also is garden habitat maybe more suited to a Bank Vole?

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Bank vole

On further consideration and reference I note the field vole tail is only 1/3 length of head and body this animal's tail is clearly longer than that Approx 1/2.I was wrong again!

Alan Edwards

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Thanks to all concerned

Didn't realise what a discussion this would start!

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