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Observed: 20th January 2007 By: Murphy

Found this frog/toad (which is it?) stuck on a rock in my garden pond, it was squashed flat. The pond was completely frozen during December, but the frog was only found recently. Any idea what has happened to it?

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Dead Frog

Dead frog Rana temporalis longer back legs than toad head and body different shape to toad.Cause of death cat?????

Hazel Trevan

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It may have been killed -

by a cat, as suggested, but in this sort of case the killer may not be the eater - if you see what I mean. It may even have died of natural causes after such a hard winter, then been scavenged.
At this time of year, it would probably have been making its way to the pond, when land-based predators can strike; or it may have made it to the pond, in which case something that likes water (more than cats usually do) may be to blame.