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Frog Spawn up a Tree

Observed: 18th February 2011 By: New Forest WalkerNew Forest Walker’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles
Frog Spawn in a Tree
Frog Spawn in a Tree

In Little Linford Inclosure, I found frog spawn on the lowest branch of a beech tree about 6 feet off the ground. A search on the internet shows that people have observed frog spawn in strange places and it is usually attributed to birds taking a frog and eating it, leaving the spawn that was inside the frog behind. Has anybody else any views on this? I don't think we have tree frogs in the New Forest!

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    Frog spawn
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That sounds about right -

Though it may have been pulled out of a pond after laying. Birds will usually take large food items to somewhere they hope to be able to eat it at leisure.

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Tree Frogs

There was actually a colony of tree frogs in the New Forest. They lived in a pond near Beaulieu for about 80 years until they died out in the 1990s

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Frog spawn

Tree frogs are very small, too small to lay such large spawn, also come to to wet areas to lay. No idea, could be birds, could it be kids messing about?

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I'm not saying this is tree

I'm not saying this is tree frog spawn as that is laid in ponds too, usually about the size of a golf ball. I agree it's common frog spawn. It's found in trees surprisingly often.

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how can frog spawn be on

how can frog spawn be on trees when they are sposed to be in water

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The most likely explanation seems to be that birds either pick up the frogspawn from a pond and then drop it in the tree, but it's difficult to know for sure!

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