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Observed: 10th January 2011 By: smasherp
P1020617 (1)

This beautiful bird was spotted perching in the conifer trees at the bottom of our garden. We are only a mile from Cannock Chase - a huge expanse of open heathland and woodland and there is a great deal of farmland nearby. We are also only a short distance from the Derbyshire Peak District. Could someone help me identify what type of bird this is? From the pictures I can find on the internet I am leaning towards a Goshawk although I know they are quite rare.

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This is a youngish Sparrowhawk, showing buff tips to some of the wing feathers still, and the eye does not appear the bright yellow of an adult.

Goshawk is an obviously heavier, more thick-set bird, with more angular features on the head. One of those where you know it, when you see it!


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Thanks for that. Got myself

Thanks for that. Got myself totally confused. ;)