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Observed: 18th November 2009 By: kc5467
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Grey squirrel,adult. Mainly grey fur,slight orange tinge.

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Grey squirrel

As I've mentioned in another observation, there is anecdotal evidence that grey squirrels are keeping their reddish juvenile pellage into adulthood. It is hard to say the age of this animal, it has too much red to be a normal adult but not enough to be a young juvenile. It is either a young adult moulting into grey or one of the 'red' adults.

Graham Banwell

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Hi,thanks for your comments,greatly appreciated. I have observed the squirrels in this location for many years and their colouration does appear to be changing,with the mature adults retaining some red colouration,particularly around the face. Also having worked for many years locally as a veterinary nurse i have had the opportunity to examine a number of animals up close (sadly often after an incident involving a dog attack/or car)and this has confirmed my observations. This individual was large and mature, not i believe, one of this years juveniles.