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Urban Foxes

Observed: 18th February 2011 By: lordrolordro’s reputation in Mammalslordro’s reputation in Mammals
Fox prowling...
...can those eyes see me?
Joined by more alert companion.

Might this fox be blind? It was untroubled by my closeness: I thought it was perhaps not fully aware of its' surroundings. It was shortly joined by two more, both much more wary-one to the point of avoiding the camera.

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Urban Foxes

There are incresingly frequent tales of foxes being "tame"and unafraid of humans, even to the point of entering houses.
This could be due inpart to the fact that they are feeding mainly on our cast off food and while all "wild " animals are naturally wary they also learn quickly and what have they got to fear from us ? Particularly in urban areas

Alan Edwards

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Tame urban foxes

I would have thought that even if the fox was blind its senses of smell and hearing would still be so acute that it would have sensed you and been off if it was afraid. I also think it's just a case of living in proximity to humans who do them no harm that is making some foxes so bold.

Gill Sinclair
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This foxs' eyes'

Compare with George W's London fox (Feb 17th). In several views taken at the time the cemetary foxs' eyes are always closed and discharging. Its' companions were decidedly more alert cautious in their behaviour.

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How would you recognise their feces

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The smell is usually a good

The smell is usually a good clue

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