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Observed: 17th February 2011 By: kcf32
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course completeShropshire Wildlife Trust
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Polypore 2011-02-17
Polypore 2011-02-17 (1)
Polypore 2011-02-17 (2)
Polypore 2011-02-17 (3)
Polypore 2011-02-17 (4)

One of several fungi of the same type found an a very wet uprooted wooden post in the middle of some grassland. Brown cap, essentially flat but dips above the joint with the stipe. Edge of cap slightly uneven and fringed with short filaments. Pores off-white. Stipe similar colour to top of the cap.
The best match I can make is Winter polypore, but there is little confidence behind it.


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The time of year and the

The time of year and the large size of the pores means you can have confidence in your identification.

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Winter Polypore

Thank you for boosting my confidence.