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A variety of Mallards

Observed: 17th February 2011 By: jhn7
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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I think the washed out bird is a female because of the slight brown streaking and I'm guessing the pure white bird is a male because of the upcurled tail feathers.
Added another view of the beige streaked bird.

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Male Mallard & female hybrid?

I'd agree that the white bird (right hand photo) is a male domestic Mallard.

The bill pattern/colour is interesting on the female though, and I suspect that there may be at least some Spot-billed Duck genes in there.

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How interesting!

Thank you for this suggestion, I had not heard of Spot-billed Ducks before and have had a fascinating time looking them up. I think you are right, there are traces of its characteristics.

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They are the -

"Heinz 57 varieties" of the bird world, aren't they?