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The last resting place of Robert Hook (1635 - 1703)

Observed: 17th February 2011 By: George W
The last resting place of Robert Hook (1635 - 1703)

Hook was known as ‘The Leonardo of London' due to his achievements based on wide range of interests. His natural history related achievements include:
Divising one of the best microscopes of his time – the world's first microscope complete with iris diaphragm (which he invented) and illumination.
Founding the field of Microscopic Biology through the publication of his work “Micrographia” in 1655.
Founding the field of Meteorology (the study of the weather).
Coming up with the idea of the hypodermic needle from his microscopic studies of stinging nettles.

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Most enlightening

Very interesting stuff,thank's for putting them both on.


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Agreed -

not normal iSPot fodder, but well worth seeing. Hook, I think, is sadly undervalued for his enormous contribution to science.

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Reply to Fenwickfield and RogerR

Your comments were an encouragement. I thought I might be pushing the boundaries too far by adding Hook's and Hunter's graves but took a chance it wouldn't upset anyone.