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Gooseberry Sawfly (Nematus ribesii)

Observed: 7th July 2009 By: aw397aw397’s reputation in Invertebratesaw397’s reputation in Invertebrates
Gooseberry Sawfly (Nematus ribesii)

This is one of the highlights of a "Beginner Naturalist" career. To find something like this. My father said that this is a Gooseberry (the plant), so I spent ages trying to find out which Butterfly caterpillar feeds on Gooseberry, until (days later) I discovered that Butterflies/Moths aren't the only things that grow up as caterpillars.
Can't wait to get out there again !

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gooseberry sawflies

I expect you are correct with this identification, but there is at least one other species of Nematus that feeds on gooseberries and I don't know how to tell them apart.

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