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Ringlet (without rings ?)

Observed: 7th July 2009 By: aw397aw397’s reputation in Invertebratesaw397’s reputation in Invertebrates

I trust that this is a ringlet but it hasn't got any rings.
Any advice ?

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Not a Chimney Sweeper

Huge problems getting images up from iSpot this evening - having finally seen the big version of the picture two of the "ringlets" are there - so forget Chimney Sweeper

Robert Homan

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chimney sweeper

Also, chimney sweeper does not have white edges going evenly all the way round fore and hind wings like this but rather has white mainly around the apex of the forewing and then tapering away on the trailing edge of the forewing.

Jonathan Wallace

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In some individuals the usual two small dark brown spots on the forewing and two spots on the hindwing can vary greatly in size and in number and in some cases be completely absent. A freshly emerged Ringlet can also have a velvety black appearance to the uppersides.