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Are these Fruticose or Moss?

Observed: 17th November 2009 By: nw338
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Moss or Fruticose?
Moss or Fruticose
moss or fruticose?

out of focus but should be enough to identify if you know?


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Your photographs are of moss

Your photographs are of moss species.

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I agree with Jenny, it's moss.

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One of the differences...

Confusing mosses and lichens is very common when just starting out looking at lichens, one of the things I get people to do is rub their fingers over the specimen. If it's soft(ish) and a bit bouncy to touch then it's likely to be moss. Lichen tends to feel a bit harder and scratchier.

Also, because only part of the lichen (the algae part) photosynthesizes lichens tend to be a less bright green than your moss shown, they are a bit more grey in colour. Difficult though until you've seen some fruticose lichens!

Hope that helps a bit.

Sarah West
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Yorkshire and Humber

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I did the same thing with my first 'fruticose lichen'!


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A moss, probably

A moss, probably Brachythecium sp or Rhynchostegium sp. A hand lens should show distinct stem and leaves, precluding a lichen