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Unknown nocturnal sound

Observed: 16th February 2011 By: SaraPiggott

At night I am hearing a whoop noise that goes up in pitch. It happens about every 30 seconds.
The habitat is farmland with ponds and woodland though the sound I am hearing is near the cottage which has fields and trees around it.
I have checked the RSPC sound files for owls and game birds as there are pheasants and partridges on the farm but it is a different sound. I can't get a photo


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This link to a video on

This link to a video on facebook about it may work:

or this link:!/video/video.php?v=10150139408995851&comments

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Not sure!

But if heard at night, an owl is the obvious suggestion. It could be one of the less-common tawny owl calls...

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hmm - I don't think its a tawny..

I've listened to all the sound clips here and it is not the same as any of them

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I could possibly be a wader of some sort they are often vocal at night.

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Definitely a bird!

Saw it it the trees last night, tho too dark to see anything.

I am now wondering if it is a male little owl call.

The only owls I have seen here is a barn owl and a little owl. Its just weird that I haven't heard this noise over the years.