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Canarian Chiffchaff

Observed: 19th January 2011 By: creaturesnappercreaturesnapper’s reputation in Birdscreaturesnapper’s reputation in Birdscreaturesnapper’s reputation in Birdscreaturesnapper’s reputation in Birds
    Likely ID
    Canarian Chiffchaff (phylloscopus canariensis)
    Confidence: I'm as sure as I can be.
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beautiful photo. thanks.


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Chiffchaff sp.

I have no experience of the species, but looking at the Collins Guide, I can see that this could be Phylloscopus canariensis.

However, I think it will be difficult for anyone to agree, as you would be hard pressed to eliminate Common Chiffchaff from the photo.

Can you add anything else to confirm the ID?


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Far too robin like to be a chiffchaff, jizz is all wrong, too upright.

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Which is indeed perhaps why... is a Canarian Chiffchaff.

However, Common Chiffchaff can easily adopt this pose, as can Iberian...etc, presumably. Jizz is certainly not all wrong, for a bird stretching or feeding, say. One photo cannot give a true impression of a species; you soon learn from ringing birds that not all birds of a species conform to the same measurements. This looks short-winged, but so do some Common Chiffs; it looks quite long in the supercilium, but so do some Common get my point!

As always with these, voice is important in any ID.

Still think it may be correct, but can we be sure?


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This bird is a Canarian

This bird is a Canarian Chiffchaff ,the song was slightly different from the common Chiffchaff ,that we see in the UK .They are fairly numerous in Tenerife and a lot easier to photograph than their UK cousins.