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Wild Basil?

Observed: 9th September 2010 By: Matt Smith
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Wild Basil ?

A plant with pink flowers forming small clumps - I think this may be Wild Basil but would appreciate confirmation.

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Also, with the stem on the

Also, with the stem on the right, notice how it swells just below the leaf node.

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interesting. what does the

interesting. what does the swelling indicate - tetrahit?

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Quite right to pick me up on

Quite right to pick me up on that. No,the swelling only indicates that it could be a Galeopsis.

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thanks - all tips on id-ing plants will try and be remembered (but probably forgotten).

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Whats needed?

I have some more photos of this plant on the PC here, if there is anything specific you need to see to get to a definitive ID I will see if I can find something in the photos.

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