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Crustose lichen on concrete

Observed: 17th November 2009 By: Barnmead
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Large patches of grey, crustose lichen with small cup-like ?fruiting bodies which seem greyish in the centre on the sloping concrete top of an old bridge. This was south-facing and very exposed. The lichen seems not to grow over the small embedded bits of flint.


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If you look carefully at the

If you look carefully at the second of Alan Silverside's Lecanora muralis photo's you'll see very obvious lobes which are absent on your specimen.
Aspicilia contorta is a more likely possibility, its a very common species on cement, concrete and mortar.

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Crustose lichen on concrete

Thank you - just shows what a difference a high quality picture makes and how subtle the variations seem when you start from knowing nothing.


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You'll find that as you look

You'll find that as you look at different lichens you'll tune in to the small details and become more aware of the often subtle details between them.

They are some of the most difficult subjects to photograph because of their small size, but at least with a digital camera you can take as many photos as you want and then pick the best.
When I started photographing them I reckoned I was doing really well if 1 out of 10 photo's was usable, its improved to maybe 1 in 5 now!