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Red Bracket Fungus

Observed: 10th November 2009 By: nicjc
Red bracket fungus (2)

1-3 cm across growing 1-2 metre, above ground


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Very interesting lookig but

Very interesting lookig but unfortunately not in focus so can't really say very much about them, any chance of re-taking the photo making sure the camera is set to macro (if you want to do a close-up). it can be ratehr tricky to pursuade some of the digi compacts to focus where you want rather than where they want so always check the image on the screen and may need several goes before you get a good one. in this case you might also like to include a ruler to get the size.

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thanks miked, im a student

thanks miked, im a student and very new to this, also virtually no experience with cameras and computers, i will try to get another (improved ) photo, nic

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Well I'll take the money John

Well I'll take the money John as I think I can make out gills on this fungus and Auricularia auricula-judae does not have gills! Any chance of another photo Nic to help decide this?

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Ok miked, im back over there

Ok miked, im back over there next week, i'll get another (new improved ) pic. i cannot id this from the guides ive got so i appreciate your effort,

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