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Split oak

Observed: 15th February 2011 By: valerie777valerie777’s reputation in Plantsvalerie777’s reputation in Plants
Old oak tree

The trunk divides further up into three large branches, all living and producing foliage and acorns later in the year.
About how old would a tree like this be and how long can it survive with this split?
The tree stands in a rabbit warren. Would this lessen the stability of the tree?

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Oak longevity

As the saying has it: "300 growing, 300 standing, 300 dying." Hollowing of the trunk is a healthy 'practice' for a hard wood tree, it relies on its younger, outer wood to convey its nutrients. Without its spent heart-wood it can exist more efficiently. This tree has reached maturity, but not started dying so at a guess of 300-600 years old?

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Rabbits in the roots -

Can reduce the stability of the tree, but the roots extend quite a long way, so it will probably not be too big a problem. Losing the heartwood reduces the weight of the tree, which means that any "lean" to one side produces less pressure on those roots.