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Amphipod comensual on anemone

Observed: 25th September 2010 By: andrewcowleyandrewcowley’s reputation in Invertebratesandrewcowley’s reputation in Invertebrates

Amphipod comensual on an anemone, possibly Anthopleura balli (Cocks). Under a large stone on the lower shore.


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Identifying amphipods

Amphipods are difficult enough to identify when looking down a microscope because, to follow the keys, most of the anatomical features that need to be examined are very small; some of these are best viewed after micro-dissection.

While some of the larger animals can be identified to family with a good macro image I'm afraid this isn't one. There is a large eye,the antennae seem to be similar in length and there is a well developed gnathopod so it might be a gammarid but I can't see the critical features that would confirm.
An interactive, on-line key to amphipod families that uses the Intkey program can be found at

Mike Kendall