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Observed: 9th September 2010 By: andrewcowleyandrewcowley’s reputation in Invertebratesandrewcowley’s reputation in Invertebrates

Very hard granular texture. Under a large cobble in a gulley. About 1-2m above ELWST.

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excellent - bryozoans. never heard of them before. are there many species about in the uk? are they common / easy to find? is there a website on uk species?

no more questions.

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Bryozoans are pretty common!

Bryozoans are pretty common! You'll find them on every sea shore. MarLIN is a good place to start:

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Becky was right with Umbonula littoralis but it is (was then) a synonym for its correct name Oshurkovia littoralis - as Andy quickly noted.
Unfortunately Andy added Hasting, 1944 to his Oshurkovia littoralis, though I cannot say that Oshurkovia was in the dictionary in 2011 - but it is now.
We have learned, perhaps only in the last year or so, that agreements added to Flawed IDs are hard (often impossible) to shift. So there is NO point in me offering the accepted name ( so that this post gets into Other Observations and gets some of its own too. A great pity as only TWO Oshurkovia littoralis appear in iSpot.