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Microscope photography

Has anyone tried any of the new generation LCD screen microscopes with inbuilt camera? (eg Celestron 44340 LCD Digital Microscope with Built in Digital Camera)? I'd like a microscope for examining and photographing fungal spores, etc. Would one of these do the job? I don't really want to spend more than £200.



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The Celestron looks like a nice piece of kit, but never seen one in action I'm afraid.

Taking a different approach, New Scientist are showing how to make a USB microscope for £15!:

Not sure if this would give the quality needed for fungal spores though.

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How fascinating, Martin! I

How fascinating, Martin! I have no idea whether the USB microscope would be adequate for looking at spores, but the idea is so nifty, it would be worth a try! Thank you for the link.

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