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Hedge watch 2011

Observed: 11th February 2011 By: russee
Hedges around our school
Hedges around the boarder od our school
This is a newer hedge that surround the orchard
A close up of the hedge

These are some of the hedges that suround our school. We took a walk around the school to see how many different species there were. We also spotted lots of incescts and a few rabbit

Species interactions

No interactions present.

Species with which Ligustrum ovalifolium interacts


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Hedge age

For old hedges there is a formula based on the number of species in the hedge which help work out how old it is.

One entry on it is here although as with all things on wikipedia it is worth going back to original sources to make sure it is accurate.

If this is a recently planted hedge (the pictures do look a bit like they show a modern hedge) then this approach does not work.

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I Think ....

the first picture is Privet. The catkins are Hazel.

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