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Tufted Ducks

Observed: 11th February 2011 By: George WGeorge W’s reputation in BirdsGeorge W’s reputation in BirdsGeorge W’s reputation in Birds
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This group of ducks first passed me,swimming gently and quietly, by the Grotto then, about 30 minutes later, on another part of the Ornamental Water. Were the males courting the female or was it a family group? If the former: Why were the males so tolerant of each other? If the latter: At what stage/age do family groups break up?

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Ducks are pairing at this

Ducks are pairing at this time of year, and groups of males frequently try to impress a single female. The process need not involve overt aggression between males.

I don't think Tufty family groups persist this late in the winter, but I am not aware of any detailed studies. Someone else might be able to give more information.



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