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Slimy mushrooms

Observed: 15th November 2009 By: Anna
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Slimy mushrooms 013
Slimy mushrooms

Growing on the ground under a pine in mixed woodland. Cap and stem extremely slimy. Stem and gills pale yellow. Spore print white. Possibly Limacella sp. Sorry the focus isn't great, the camera doesn't seem to like close-up shots.


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Unfortunately the picture is

Unfortunately the picture is rather fuzzy, i wonder if you could have another go at this and perhaps keep this picture on there too as it does show the size well. It looks an interesting species so definitely worth having another go at the picture, perhaps try in brighter light might help with focussing.

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Thanks for the advice, I had

Thanks for the advice, I had another go, but it's not much better. I'll go back to the woods when I can and try and find them so I can get a picture of them in situ. I'm going to have to throw these away soon!