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Observed: 14th February 2011 By: Graeme
The Anton River Conservation Association
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Leech 14.2.11.Anton Lakes.5
Leech 14.2.11.Anton Lakes.6
Leech 14.2.11.Anton Lakes.8
Leech 14.2.11.Anton Lakes.14
Leech 14.2.11.Anton Lakes
Leech 14.2.11.Anton Lakes.2
Leech 14.2.11.Anton Lakes.3
Leech 14.2.11.Anton Lakes.4

Long leech with spots on back.Think it could stretch to 2cm

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Theromyzon tessulatum

...has a diistinct look about it to me. Most apparant in the image where it is squat.

The 4 pairs of vertical central eyes feature rules out most if not all of other species, though they often have a habit of hiding a pair in the midst. Not so here.

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