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Bracket Fungi

Observed: 14th February 2011 By: smb74
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Bracket Fungi on dead fruit tree stump

This is a hard fungi growing on a dead fruit tree stump.


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Fomes fomentarius

Or hoof fungus, would be my guess. Commonly found on birch (which I think this stump is). But I'm not good on the bracket fungi!

Revision: Flaxton is much more likely to be correct: Fomes is usually found as an individual specimen.

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Bracket Fungi

Thanks for this information. You could be right about it being a birch tree rather than a fruit tree and it certainly looks a bit like a hoof. I have just had another look at it but with my limited knowledge I cannot identify the tree stump.


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The cracking upper surface

The cracking upper surface and "clumped" growth make it unlikely to be a Fomes.