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1 in 30 million?

Observed: 12th February 2011 By: Peadar na BreacPeadar na Breac’s reputation in InvertebratesPeadar na Breac’s reputation in InvertebratesPeadar na Breac’s reputation in InvertebratesPeadar na Breac’s reputation in Invertebrates
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12 Feb 2011 (36)

Leucistic Lobster. Apparently a one in thirty million chance.The outlook for this specimen is not good.But we hope to find it a home and save it from its otherwise certain fate.

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Female lobster

If it is carrying eggs like this, should it not be thrown back automatically?

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Possibly not, if there is a

Possibly not, if there is a headstarting scheme running to rebuild stocks - otherwise, I'd definitely agree!

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The owner of the business which is in possession of the Lobster was the instigator of the tail notching scheme in our home waters he saw it practiced in New England.To the best of my knowledge the scheme is not running at the moment although tail notched Lobsters are protected for life.I understand he buys Lobsters from every country in these islands which at different times have had different schemes.Which has to be difficult to police.But then when it comes to commercial fishing what ain't!

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Good news...

The White Lobster is settling in to her new accommodation at the Portaferry Aquarium, which is on the beautiful Ards Peninsula, county Down.

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Peadar, I posted a pic of


Earlier today I posted a pic of lobsters in one of the tanks where this white one was observed. I noticed your white lobster observation wasn't in the lobster carousel but I knew it was in here somewhere. The Latin name is the issue. Hadnt noticed before but the current name seems to be Homarus gammarus and not vulgaris. Maybe thats an older name? Possible revised ID required to link up.


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Just noticed, your original

Just noticed, your original ID is linking you to NBN and the encyclopedia. Ispot must know ehat you mean.


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Cáthal the Get Recommended brings up H.vulgaris and H.Gammarus so I think both are current but H.Gammarus is possibly to the fore.If you know what I mean.

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It seems to be here on iSpot

It seems to be here on iSpot anyway, I dont think there were any other H. vulgaris in the carousel.