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Observed: 13th February 2011 By: vetandteachervetandteacher’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensvetandteacher’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

Gelatinous masses, mostly without particular form found on moss and grasses in very wet heathland. There were several of these masses in the area.


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    Likely ID
    Exidia sp.
    Confidence: It might be this.
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(Star) jelly

I posted some pictures of similar jelly 2 days ago, (but under the reptiles and amphibians section), and others have posted links there to other reports, esp. a BBC Scotland discussion. There may be several different causes for gel deposition,of course, but my money would be on the frog theory. Lots of speculation on the net, under Star/ astral/ frog jelly. I took some home, and in rainwater it swelled to twice its size, and the linear nature of the stuff was more apparent.