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Mystery yellow flowers

Observed: 15th May 2000 By: sv.kettlewell
Mystery yellow flowers
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I took this photo in May

I took this photo in May 2000, and don't remember what the yellow/brown spike flowers are. They look in the picture like bog asphodel, but most definitely are not this. Too early, and not quite right for toadflax, or mignonette. I'm sure I'm being stupid, and I'll say "Of course!" when someone reminds me what they are.

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The plant in the background looks like Anthriscus sylvestris, but the foreground is odd. Like an enthusiastic Phleum or Sanguisorba canadensis.


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Mystery yellow/brown spikeflowers

Thank you circuta58. Yes, Anthriscus sylvestris and buttercups are in the background. We don't have naturalised Sanguisorba canadensis in Oxfordshire UK, and it looks too big, as you say, for Phleum. Could it be some sp. of Plantago?
Thank you Tim Rich. I think these are not droopy enough for comfrey.